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ENTJs and INFJs have different views on life which are also projected into the professional environment. INFJs offer conscientiousness and empathetic decision-making to the workplace. They can teach the ENTJs the impact their decisions may have on others. The ENTJs could help the INFJs to grow thicker skin and to handle confrontation better. Both ENTJs and INTJs are ambitious and determined when it comes to their work.

Nevertheless, if the INTP is given the space and freedom to function according to their own rules, they will thrive and grow more trusting of the ENTJ. As with other Analyst types, Commanders’ best matches are with other Intuitive types, with one or two opposing traits to create more balance in the relationship. Mature Commanders are able to recognize and adapt to the needs of their partners, and know that even the most rational individuals have emotional needs that must be met. Fortunately the same logic that dismisses emotions is also able to recognize that a conciliatory attitude can be the best tool to get the job done.

You may or may not discover they line up in your current coupling, but knowledge is the first step. While they’re unlikely to offer emotional comfort in a crisis, ENTJs are quick to jump in and solve problems to help a friend in need. They often bond with others over shared interests and hobbies. Although it may not come naturally, take some time to consider the more human, nuanced aspects of the relationship before you try to move forward. Listening carefully to the other person’s point of view before you jump to a resolution. This may help you to solve the underlying problem, instead of simply ending the conflict.

ENTJs are very motivated by success in their careers so that professional growth and success is an important source of self-validation for them. They are not only capable of putting in long hours at work but actually like to work hard in order to prove themselves. So when dating an ENTJ, compliment them on their professional capabilities and success while also inviting them to share their future ambitions with you.

They also prefer attractive partners who lean towards the finer things in life. ENTJ personality types take their relationships as seriously as they take their careers and work projects. Because they are dominant personalities with a good deal of charisma and self-confidence, ENTJs actively seek a partner and then work to solidify the relationship.


ISTP types should try to engage in a thorough discussion and share their thoughts openly. Something I really love about us is that we fit together very comfortably in our natural roles, even though they may conflict with traditional, societally determined roles. We’re happy with each other and hopeful it continues to go well. The MBTI® framework can be very helpful when it comes to raising children. Knowledge of your own communication habits, stress triggers, and preferences often makes parenting easier. By integrating an awareness of differences into family life, the whole family can benefit from these insights.

ENTJ Communication Style

And this is exactly the case with INFPs, who need to be alone in order to recharge. A friendship between these two types requires compromise on both sides. INFPs should avoid being overly emotional https://datingmentor.net/clover-review/ and the ENTJs should communicate their side calmly, without interrupting. ENTJs like their opinions to be challenged, and they need a lot of intellectual stimulation through debates and discussion.

On the other hand, ENTJs are energized by spending time with different people. So it might get challenging at times to maintain a friendship where the two people want different things. ESFJs are social butterflies and are usually surrounded by people all the time. Furthermore, they take their relationships with people seriously and put great emphasis on friendships. In a friendship, ESFJs are giving, caring, and supportive, and look for people who make them feel appreciated.

In a relationship, ENTJs and ESTJs would be straightforward with each other and would clearly define their expectations early on in the relationship. ENTP, like INTP, is acutely logical and prefers open & straightforward communication. However, the ENTP’s extroversion as against the INTP’s introversion may result in conflicts over how to spend time. ENTJs also enjoy spending time with their loved ones and making sure that everyone is happy and taken care of. They are not as emotionally expressive as some other personality types, but their actions will always speak louder than words.

I’m innately curious and strive to present often complex, overly-jargony concepts to people in plain English. ENTJs show love by being supportive and present in their partner’s life. They are often very driven and ambitious, so they will likely be your biggest cheerleader in any professional endeavors. They are confident in themselves and their relationship and trust their partner to be honest with them. The best match for an ENTJ is someone who is confident, ambitious, and intelligent.

Of course, they can learn to navigate these waters, but it doesn’t come to them naturally. As romantic partners, ENTJs are great for people who crave intellectual intimacy and value characteristics like ambition and drive. When it comes to dating, ENTJs are looking for true partners. ENTJs and ENFPs both bring charisma, objective thinking, and creative solutions to the workplace.

INTJ Anime Characters/Cartoon Characters We Absolutely Love

They tend to have the easiest friendships with people who share their interests and views and may struggle to understand people who are very introverted, sensitive, or emotional. They may struggle to understand or get along with more sensitive personality types. While they are extroverts, they are not emotionally expressive and other people may see them as insensitive. Since ENTJs are extraverts, they gain energy from socializing . They love having passionate and lively conversations and debates.

Extroverted Thinking

Also, ISFJs avoid confrontation at all costs, while ENTJs are argumentative and sometimes even find pleasure in arguing. These two types fall in the “yellow zone” of the compatibility chart. They have some similarities in their characters, but problems may occur as they don’t balance each other out and may decide to ignore potential issues. When it comes to relationships, many would say that opposites attract.