‘Having HIV Has Not Stopped Me Living My Life’

And while he may not be better looking than you or have a bigger dick, BETTER, he’s gotta be “better” than you are in some other objective sense—better educated, makes better money, better at eating pussy, etc. Surely there’s something about him your girlfriend can throw in your face that tweaks your insecurities and meets your need for reassurance . You might want to ask her if she lied about his dick being smaller than yours, BETTER, because that’s definitely the kind of lie women tell new boyfriends about their exes and old FWBs. Given a chance to walk that back, BETTER, your girlfriend very well might—and it might even be true. If you’re worrying about HIV at the moment, WEASS, you’re worrying about the wrong virus. Unless you’re lucky enough to live in New Zealand, you and the boyfriend shouldn’t be inviting men over for threesomes right now.

So Whats The Issue Why Are We Not Hearing It Why Are Guys Still Serosorting Choosing Sex Partners Based On Hiv Status

HIV is a chronic condition treated with antiretroviral therapy. Antiretroviral medications control the virus by lowering the amount of HIV found in the blood, which is also known as the viral load. These medications also lower the amount of the virus in other bodily fluids such as semen, anal or rectal secretions, and vaginal fluids. And if dating with HIV wasn’t hard enough, add nondisclosure laws to the mix.

Sharing Responsibility For Safer Sex

Many states have laws that fall into more than one of the categories listed above. For this analysis, only HIV-specific laws are captured for states with both HIV-specific laws and STD/communicable/infectious disease laws. Only HIV or STD/communicable/infectious more info disease laws are captured for states with both HIV or STD/communicable/infectious disease laws and sentence enhancement statutes. Its important to be open with your partners and ask them to tell you their HIV status.

Attend a support group for women living with HIV and ask others how they handle disclosure and dating. If you are concerned about a really negative or possibly violent reaction, consider disclosing in a public place or with a friend present. Also consider whether you really want to be with a person who might react in this way. An HIV advocate shares his experiences with depression and explains why it’s still so important to fight back against stigma and shame. Finding a relationship where disclosure is made easier and safer is a great way to get started.

Getting Pregnant When A Male Partner Is Hiv

Either option also raises all sorts of additional questions. Esther works with LVCT Health, a local HIV treatment advocacy organisation, as a mentor and ambassador for Pre-exposure prophylaxis . Taking PrEP correctly reduces your risk of getting HIV to almost zero. The amount of HIV in Chege’s blood is so low that it cannot be detected by a lab test. He is one of the 800,000 people (about 75 per cent of the 1.2 million people on HIV treatment) in Kenya who cannot transmit the virus, even without a condom.

Being a proud slut — a free-living sexual aficionado — doesn’t impede your ability to commit to anyone; you simply need to define what “commitment” means with those you love. And again, HIV isn’t a virus that only affects the sexually promiscuous. Don’t make assumptions about him based on his status. Disclosure is important, but telling someone your HIV status is useless if you’re wrong.

What Is The Life Expectancy For People Living With Hiv In The Uk

The only way to know for sure if you have an STD is to get tested. Talk to your doctor about the tests you want and need. Even if you’re on ART and your viral load is undetectable, you can still get other STDs. This includes gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, herpes simplex virus ​​​​​​​, and hepatitis B and C. With advances in HIV treatment and prevention, partners don’t need to have the same status.

This is called treatment as prevention, and it works because the less of the virus someone has in their system, the harder it is for them to transmit it to someone else. A large international study looked at couples in which one partner was HIV positive and the other was HIV negative . The study found that if the person with HIV took ART to suppress their viral loads, their risk of infecting their partners was enormously reduced, by 93% overall, over about 5 years. And, if the person with HIV was consistently on HIV medications, with an undetectable HIV viral load, there were no partner infections. It is important to note that the couples in this study were encouraged to use condoms. Similarly, only 14% of respondents rated transmission risk as zero when HIV in the receptive partner is undetectable.

The fear of catching HIV from your partner is the second, or perhaps, the biggest reason that prevents you from dating someone with HIV. Suppose you’ve done with questions such as “Can I get HIV from kissing”, let’s discuss how HIV spreads, then you know how to protect yourself while dating someone with HIV. If they are diagnosed timely, they have good access to medical care, and they adhere to their HIV treatment.

Depending on the state, jail time can range roughly from 6 months to 30 years. These laws gravely miss their intent of protecting people from HIV. Instead they incentivize not getting tested at all, because you can’t be held liable for spreading a disease that you don’t know you have. So rather than protecting people from a health crisis these laws create one, leaving the population more at risk than before. But the problem — when it comes to HIV — is that people often choose to close the door on you based on memories of a terrifying, out-of-control, 1980s pandemic. There’s still a lot of fear and stigma surrounding HIV.

If you’re on treatment and have an undetectable viral load you cannot pass your HIV on to them, even if no condoms are used. Having an undetectable viral load likely reduces the risk of HIV transmission through sharing needles, syringes, or other drug injection equipment , but we don’t know by how much. Some experts say that HIV medications can work even faster. Eventually, you want to have an undetectable viral load — one so low that a lab test canât find it. When you have an undetectable viral load, you canât spread the virus to your sexual partner. However, paranoia and even if he was pretty well informed and it on the type of singles but if someone’s not to opportunistic infections.

As always, check with your HIV care provider if you have questions about what HIV test is right for you, or what types of tests will give you the answers you need to best care for your health. The agency has adopted the widely accepted position that an HIV-positive person with an undetectable viral load cannot pass the virus through unprotected sex. If I have an undetectable viral load, do my partner and I need to use anything else to prevent sexual transmission of HIV? Getting and keeping an undetectable viral load prevents HIV transmission during sex.

We know this is true from research studies with thousands of episodes of people having anal sex, with many years of follow-up. PrEP evens the playing field between poz and neg guys and eliminates the fear that has existed between us for so long — a fear that’s muddied our sex lives and ruined our relationships. Poz guys on medication are some of the safest sex partners you can have. There is very little risk of HIV passing via oral sex, but it is possible. Learn more about this risk and how to reduce it further.