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In this post, we’ll walk you through the ins and outs of creating an ebook by, well, creating an ebook. And if you’re worried about your lacking design skills, we’ve got you covered. Planet ebook is a great source of classic literature in ebook format. O’Reilly is a platform to download books, magazines, and tutorials for free.

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To create additional chapter pages, or any pages really, simply right-click the slide and choose Duplicate Slide. This will make a copy of your slide and allow you to drag it to its proper place in your ebook via the sidebar or Slide Sorter section of PowerPoint. You can then customize it for any subsequent chapters.

All the titles here are absolutely free, which is good news for those of us who’ve had to pony up ridiculously high fees for substandard audiobooks. Then, you’re then given several download options, such as EPUB, PDF, FB2, RTF, HTML, and more. They’re also readable online through the site’s built-in book reader. Stacy is a professional technology educator with over 25 years’ experience.

After your content is launched and promoted across your marketing channels, you’ll also want marketing analytics to measure your live product’s success. Once you’ve finished writing your ebook — CTAs and all — it’s time to convert it to the right file type, so it’s transferable from you to your recipient. We’ve even designed 50 customizable calls-to-action in PowerPoint you can download and use in your ebooks. Think about how you got here — you clicked on a call-to-action in an email, on a social media post, or somewhere else. A CTA is a link or visual object that entices the visitor to click and arrive at a landing page that will get them further engaged with your company.

I am a completely different person today compared to the person I was before I met him. I have evolved into more of the woman I am today because of the gift that he has. He has shown me what true love in a relationship really is. It is amazing and is something I did not experience in my relationship before.

Dating Basics 101 is the first of a series of books designed to help make man’s journey in dating and relationships easier. This innovative guide will explain how to have self-confidence and to relax and enjoy the date. Some dating books help a certain kind of guy looking for a certain kind of girl. Others will explain how to get the girl, but not how to actually build up the confidence to do it. The primary purpose of Dating Basics 101 is to assist in gaining the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the world of dating. Post your free ebooks at our Facebook Group and we’ll pick it up from there.

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It will help you to align your life with your true calling and reach your full potential. After your content is launched and promoted across your marketing channels, you’ll need to have marketing analytics to measure your ebooks’ success. Barnes & Noble offers free ebooks through its Nook store. Some audiobooks are free but require a B&N Audiobooks subscription, which costs $15 per month after a free 30-day trial. If you don’t have a Nook ereader, just download the Nook mobile app for iOS/iPadOS or Android to access the ebooks and audiobooks on your mobile device. You’ll also need a free Barnes & Noble online account and payment method even for free books.

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A few years ago at Breakaway, the ministry I led on the campus of Texas A&M, we held a worship service for thousands of college students at Kyle Field. I was addressing the toxic nature of secrets, how they can sap our energy and steal our joy. Over the next few days my team and I read through the cards, praying for the students who wanted to release the burden of guilt and shame that they were already carrying at such a young age. Maybe three or four out of every five cards addressed the deep hurt and desperate heartbreak that accompanied a romantic relationship that had gone wrong. Some expressed regret over a relationship that they had stayed in too long. Others lamented giving away too much of themselves emotionally or physically to someone who was not worthy of their affections.

You can get a copy of Lead Generation with Facebook Ads in PDF format by signing up for Adespresso’s email newsletter. Use the link below to go straight to the signup page. You can download this free marketing ebook from SEMrush’s website by clicking the button below. These are the top online marketing eBooks worth reading.

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In How Marketers Are Using Social Media, you get a detailed look into current marketing practices involving social media. Anyone new to the field will find it valuable because it clearly lays out the job prospects and responsibilities of digital marketers. This makes it easier to make career and business decisions regarding what marketing strategies to use. With this book, you can learn how to understand and implement strategies that can grow your online presence.